A unique gate latch system developed for and used on Montana ranches! Our fence latch has a lifetime warranty.

The horseshoe gate latch

was invented and patented by Montana rancher Jerad Voight. Jerad had the idea while searching for a gate closure system that could stand up to the everyday wear and tear of farm life.

Frustrated that he couldn’t find anything even close to what he wanted, Jared says, "I thought that I could probably build something better than any other fence latch on the market today".

The horseshoe gate latch wasn’t developed in a lab, and doesn’t feature any snazzy packaging. The latch does what every ranch needs - it keeps gates closed - simply and elegantly.

Our latch is easy to install, even easier to use and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Easy Operation

To open: Pull upper latch then twist - gate will release.

To close: Press gate into open end of horseshoe.

Easy Installation

Pre-drill wooden gate post with half-inch bit.

Grasp both ends of horseshoe and hand tighten threaded end of latch into drilled post.